Monday, February 10, 2020

Crisis Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Crisis Management - Case Study Example Sometimes the case is not so clear and so it is upon the doctor and the nurses in charge to decide how well to manage the crisis as they try to establish the best way to handle the situation. This paper will address the way to handle a crisis referring to a common case where the creation of an intestinal stoma is important to divert the intestinal contents and act as a way of managing the symptoms that the patient is having. The patient in reference has a past medical history of hypertension and so it is tricky on how to make her understand the nature of the case that the doctors are handling. Informing her that she may need a surgery should be done in a well-informed manner to avoid running into more complications which are tougher to manage. Her new symptoms makes it important to create a stoma in order to divert the enteric contents and make it possible to surgically manage the gastroenterologic symptoms (Clear Passage Physical Therapy, n.d). Once the patient was admitted the first thing we did as it’s the routine is to assess her condition and inquire on her past medical history. That is important in establishing the best way to handle her and avoid complicating the case even more. Emma is 54 years old and she works in a retail shop. We establish that she has a past medical history of hypertension. She is both socially and physically capable and independent which is important to establish whether she may be having fears on the way she will be making a living if she is subjected to a treatment or a management plan that will affect her physically. The symptoms she is having which include nausea and vomiting leads to the conclusion that this is an emergency case and so she has to be admitted to an acute surgical unit through the acute and emergency department due to abdominal obstruction. Other symptoms which are used to come up with the decision include the fresh rectal bleeding with associated altered bowel

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