Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My First Memories - Original Writing :: Papers

My First Memories - Original Writing "Come on! Hurry up you're going to be on any minute!" She yelled as she belted down the corridor holding my hand and somebody else's. I remember being dragged along like a child's limp rag-doll, bounding side to side. I was ushered into the darkened, suffocating hall filled with row upon row of chairs, where all the people would come in and scrutinize every move I was about to make. And as I continued walking, it all struck me. I don't want to be in here! I didn't want to be in this dumb play. I never even wanted to be in the play in the first place! I wasn't given any choice as to whether I wanted to be in it. From the beginning it was just as if, "you're in the play whether you like it or not!" but was never asked. I was forced to go along with it. The costume I wore trailed along behind me. It was way too large for me but I still had to wear it. I had to now and again gather up the muddy coloured, threadbare costume so that I would not trip over it. I reluctantly approached the parting in the mass of chairs, which led up on to the stage. The slight murmur of people talking slowly turned into silence as everyone turned to look at me. I took a peak at them and momentarily froze but then was nudged along by my teacher, by now whom I hated. I nearly got to the stage without any glitches. I was just about there! I started to walk more briskly towards the stage. But then, just as my stage fright had disappeared, I forgot to gather up my costume! It gathered around my feet like a rope trying to trap me. I tumbled to the floor like a sack of potatoes, and worse still a sack of potatoes that was being watched by loads of people. I had to get up! I carried on walking. It felt as if everyone was in

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