Thursday, December 12, 2019

Healthcare Future Trends

Question: Conduct a Web search for information on future trends affecting healthcare. Identify and describe three trends and be prepared to discuss their potential impact on health information management services in the future. Prepare a one-page summary of each trend. Include the Web address? Answer: Health Information Management At this present modernize world each and every organization wants to be modern and innovative. Health care organizations also want to implement various techniques and strategies for the betterment of the procedure. Every single health care organization has the responsibility to provide quality treatment and facility to the patients. Patients visit in the care organizations for getting quality care. Health Information Management is the process preserving the health records through a technological way. Multiple technological tools have been evolved which have the potential to improve the functionalities of the organization. Among all these techniques three important trends have been mentioned in this particular paper, Electronic Record book: Electronic record book is popularly known as EHR (Electronic Health records) or EMR (Electronic medical records). This is the process of storing the health related information electronically (Satin, 2009). Through this innovative tool information of the patients and their problems can be stored in a proper manner. EMR is basically holds or store all the medical problems associated with the patient. It is very beneficial way of monitoring the patients and their problems. Doctors or nurses can easily identify the health status of the patients through checking the EHR. This tool is the accumulation of various health related aspects of a patient like medicine list, diet chart, upcoming tests etc. After the introduction of the EHM respective hospital management can easily handle the overall database. It also reduces the usage of handled database system, besides it is too easy to access. This is the database which can be accessed by the management from any place. This electronic databases system also has the facility to share the information. For accessing this tool respective management of the health care organization must have to apply unique ID and password. Respective associates of the health care organizations must have to visit in the database by mentioning the log in Id and password. It enables health care practitioners to monitor large numbers of patients at any particular time. Mobile Access This is one of the latest trends in the health care services. For health information management respective health officials use this technology. At the present century people are highly familiar with the services and facilities of the Smartphone. Multiple mobile applications have been evolved which have changed the lifestyle of the human beings. There are multiple medical applications present which help people to find nearest hospitals or nursing homes. At past people had to worry for the actual treatment and their costs, but now people can check the cost of any operation or overall functionalities of the hospitals through the mobile (Rocha, 2013). In many time it is found that doctors and nurses have to work in very remote places where computer and other facilities are not available. On that occasion doctors can easily access the organizational database through the Smartphone. If any urgency will occur patient can share their status through the mobile phones and doctors also can prescribe the medicine through this way. As people are now very health conscious they can easily maintain their daily diet report by getting knowledge through their Smartphone. Unified Communication procedure It is known to everyone that video conferencing is one of the important processes for monitoring the overall process in the organization, but it is beneficial for the outsider activity. For the betterment of internal activities of the health organizations Unified Communication process must have to be implemented. In a hospital it can be found that many doctors do meetings and sharing their knowledge for any particular purpose or treatment. On that occasion proper communication channel must have to be used so that proper treatment can be provided to the patient. In this particular case monitoring the record of the patient is highly necessary. Unified communication process can also be termed as the open way of dong chat among the doctors and nurses. With the help of this process doctors and nurses can be kept in contact in any kind crucial operation. This Unified communication system can be done through various ways like email, IM and Micro blogging systems etc (Ashenden, 2003). Through these processes all kinds of information can be visible to each and every care professionals. At this present moment each and every health care organization is using this technique for improving the care facilities towards the patients. Through the above discussion three important trends regarding health care management can be found out. These trends are highly important for improving the treatment facilities. It can be assumed that in future these technologies will be applied at wider platform. References Ashenden, P., Peterson, G., Teegarden, D. (2003).The system designer's guide to VHDL-AMS. San Francisco, Calif.: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. Rocha, A. (2013).Advances in information systems and technologies. Berlin: Springer. Satin, D. (2009).Health management for older adults. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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